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Sale of Business Listing

Sale of accounting and bookkeeping firm

Sale of Small Local Accounting Firm

Turnover: SGD450,000 to SGD600,000

Net Profit Margin: 30% to 40%

Steady stream of income

Sale of Business specializing in cleaning equipment

Sale of Robotics Cleaning Equipment Business

Turnover: SGD7 to SGD8 million

Net Profit Margin: 6% to 10%

One of the largest in Singapore

Sale of Gym Business

Sale of Gym & Related Business

Turnover: SGD1.2 million

Net Profit Margin: 25%

Operating under a Franchise

Sale of Commodity Brokerage Company

Commodity Brokerage Business

Turnover: SGD1.6 to SGD2 million

Net Profit Margin: 35% to 45%

Retiring Owner

Sale of Medical Clinic Business

Medical Clinic & Related Business

Turnover: SGD1.5 to SGD2 million

Net Profit Margin: 20% to 25%

General Practitioner

Sale of Company specializing in Tax Consultancy

Tax Consultancy & Related Business

Turnover: SGD400,000 to SGD500,000

Net Profit Margin: 30% to 40%

Specialize in IRAS Tax Audit

Buyer and Seller Accept the Sale of Business

Potential Buyer to Match Business Seller

As we constantly have new businesses for sale, potential buyers may wish to register their interest with us and let us know which type of businesses they are looking at. In this way, we can contact the buyers straight away when there is a suitable business for sale

Our Directory for Sale of Business

We are business brokers and may have other businesses not listed here. If you are actively looking for businesses to acquire, please contact our consultants. We will be glad to understand what type of businesses you wish to acquire and help you liaise with the business owners who are keen to sell. If you are looking for accountants to conduct due diligence, we able to provide you with a list of qualified accountants. If you would also like to have a tax consultant to scrutinize the past tax filings, we can also get them in for you.

Satisfactory Sale of Business

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We provide business sale and purchase services (i.e. business brokerage service). We bring business owners who are willing to sell their business to meet potential buyers who are willing to buy over the business. Our goal is to ensure that the sale of business is successful.