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Recent Trend Related to Business for Sale

"Business for Sale" has been the hot topic recently. Whether your business is making a profit or loss, there is a possibility of selling it. Thanks to our active start-up environment as well as the new digital economy, more and more different types of businesses are putting themselves up for sale. There are many reasons for selling the businesses. Some businesses are looking for a buyer with complementary strengths to create synergy for exponential growth. Some business owners run out of funds and welcome new investors to acquire or invest in their businesses to continue with the business operations. Other business owners may wish to exit their businesses because there is a lack of successor or they wish to venture into another business. Whatever your reason is, putting up your business for sale is what you have to do to get offers from potential buyers. To sell your business successfully, the very first step is to engage a professional who specializes in "Business for Sale". We offer such specialized service and have great track records. With our expertise and business network, you can be assured that we are able to reach out to the right buyers and obtain the right price for your business sale. Most importantly, we have very high success rate when it comes to closing deals relating to sale of business.


"Thanks for securing a great deal for the sale of my business. I am delighted that the selling price exceeds my expectation!"

"You have done SMEs a great favour by helping us to exit our business at great value."

"I had been looking for a buyer for years and you managed to link me up with the right buyer within months. I am impressed with your ability to connect with business buyers."

"During the entire business sale journey, we will hold guide you closely till the completion of sale"

Patience is Necessary When Putting up a Business for Sale

We always inform our clients that selling a business is like selling a physical property. It takes time to market the business to potential buyers and negotiate the right price before the actual sale of business takes place. The business owner must be patient when selling the business. It is common that the actual sale of business may take more than 1 year. As such, it is important to plan ahead. If you would like to sell your business in 2 years' time, you should contact us now and start planning and executing the sale.

Business for Sale Project

Broker to Handle the Selling of Business

"Having a Good Business Broker for Sale of Business is like having a Good Pilot flying you Successfully and Safely to the Right Destination."

Why us? Why do you need a professional to sell your business. The main reason to engage us is that we can sell more effectively and get all the administrative work done before, during and after the sale. We will be able to get an accountant to value your tangible and intangible assets, record the valuation of business in your financial statements, ascertain the past years' profits and generate a forecast of future years' profits as well as provide an opinion on the future potential of the business. We act as a business broker has the necessary connection to link up with business buyers, put up advertisements at the right place and the right time, filter genuine potential buyers before getting the buyers to meet up with you. Engaging a business broker will maximize the selling price of the sale of business because there will be greater chance of receiving multiple offers and having many buyers to bid up the selling price. When it comes to price negotiation with buyer, it is always better to leave it to the experts who are always dealing with such negotiation with buyer. As the commission from sale of business is directly related to the price of business sold, you can be assured that the interest of the broker is aligned with the seller (i.e. the highest possible amount is in the best interest of both the seller and the broker). With the broker, it will save you lots of time to prepare for the sale of business yourself. All the legal, administrative and accounting work will be taken care of. All you have to do is to sign the necessary documents when the sale is closed and get ready to receive the sale proceeds.

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We provide business sale and purchase services (i.e. business brokerage service). We bring business owners who are willing to sell their business to meet potential buyers who are willing to buy over the business. Our goal is to ensure that the sale of business is successful.